Climate change is one of the most urgent challenges we face — affecting everything from our public health to our economy. Sara has fought for bold and immediate action in Maine, and will take that fight to Washington. Read Sara’s Climate Agenda and add your name to demand bold and immediate action on climate change:

1. Reducing carbon emissions

Carbon dioxide levels are higher today than at any point in history. Sara will immediately move for the U.S. to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, push for legislation to ensure a carbon-neutral future and achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, and fight to undo Trump’s rollbacks of sensible environmental regulations that will make our vehicles more efficient and limit pollution from oil and gas operations.

2. Increasing renewable and clean energy production

In the Senate, Sara will support a Clean Energy Standard requiring utilities to increase the amount of carbon-free power they put on the grid. She will also work to increase federal investment in clean energy innovation to support universities and entrepreneurs who are driving new industries and creating jobs in Maine and across the country.

3. Protecting Maine’s key industries

Changing climate could negatively impact the lobster, forest products, and agricultural industries in Maine, as well as outdoor recreation and tourism. Sara supports the development of a national Conservation Corps that would give young people the opportunity to work in conservation jobs, from keeping our forests healthy to coastal reconstruction.

4. Ensuring clean air & water for Mainers

Sara supports Maine’s Attorney General’s calls for Clean Water Act protections in our nation’s waters, strengthening the Safe Drinking Water Act, improving our water infrastructure, defending the clean air protections in the Clean Power Plan, requiring the EPA to set legal limits of toxic chemicals in drinking water, and building on the work of our state’s task force.

5. Improving our infrastructure

The U.S. needs half a trillion dollars in highway and bridge maintenance, and the projects we build now need to be built to hold up in a changing climate and sustain our transition to cleaner transportation. In the Senate, Sara will focus federal highway funds on fixing our worn-out infrastructure and investing in smarter, stronger power lines and charging infrastructure to keep up with electric vehicle growth. Sara will also fight for federal funds to fix aging bridges, drinking water systems, and schools across Maine, and she’ll work to close the rural-digital divide, supporting robust investment in building out broadband infrastructure. Furthermore, Sara will support investments to ensure that new infrastructure is built to better withstand climate change and severe weather.

6. Making transportation cleaner and more efficient

The transportation industry is responsible for more climate pollution than any other sector in the U.S. — nearly one-third of total emissions — but the Trump administration and Republicans weakened vehicle efficiency standards that would cut emissions and save Americans money at the pump. Sara strongly supports strengthening vehicle efficiency standards and making electric and other clean vehicles more affordable for Mainers while building-out the charging infrastructure needed to support them. Sara will also be a champion for public transportation.

7. Protecting Maine’s coastline

Natural disasters like flooding are getting worse and more frequent due to the changing climate. Sea levels in Maine have risen up to eight inches over the past 70 years and flooding along coastal towns will become more and more common. Sara will support the safeguarding of coastal towns against sea level rise to protect future generations of Mainers.

8. Energy for those who need it most

Vulnerable communities and low-income households in Maine should not have to worry about keeping the heat on in the winter or maintaining safe temperatures in summer heat waves. Sara will work to make sure that Maine communities get the federal resources they need to provide critical weatherization and energy assistance for low-income families, and she will support vital, life-saving programs like the federal Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP). Sara will also work to ensure that all Mainers have access to uninterrupted utility service in their homes, support incentives for homeowners to invest in energy efficiency improvements, work towards strong green building standards for new construction.

You can read Sara’s full Climate Agenda here.

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